Corpus Christi Listings Welcomes You

Corpus Christi Listings Welcomes You
Hello, my name is Nancy Galvan. I am an experienced real estate broker here to help you find your new home or property in beautiful sunny Corpus Christi Texas.

Corpus Christi Texas is a mid sized city located on the shore of the South Texas Gulf Coast.
The county seat of Nueces County, it also extends into Aransas, Kleberg, and San Patricio counties.

Beautiful beaches aside Corpus Christi has a number of interesting, entertaining and educational sites available including, but not limited to:

  • South Texas Botanical Gardens & Nature Center
  • Texas State Aquarium
  • USS Lexington

Sports enthusiasts can enjoy a game of minor league baseball at Whataburger Field

I have several listing types to choose from including:

  • Single and Multi-Family Homes
  • Residential Leases
  • Lots,Acreage and Farms
  • Commercial Listings

If you would like more information about a listing contact me.
I hope that I can help you find the home or property you deserve…”Corpus Christi Listings Welcomes You”.

Getting The Most From A Home Inspection

Home InspectionHome ownership is not something anyone should take lightly. The cost of the purchase alone. The time invested in your search. And not to mention you and your family may be living here for several years to come. If your investing all this time and money a home inspection will help ensure that you are getting what you deserve. Many home owners unfortunately don’t order a home inspection. Even if they are buying a lived in home. Sure if you are a first time buyer you may not have a very large pocket-book. But the cost of an inspector versus the heartache of finding out something is wrong with the home. Or the headache of getting the previous owner to repair it. Or the very likely scenario of handling the problem yourself…A home inspection is well worth the cost and effort. Simply hiring an inspector is only half the battle however. This short article will help you find the right inspector to get you into your home without any worries.

Step One…Find an Inspector

Nancy Galvan may be able to help you with this one. Real Estate agents have experience dealing with inspectors and they will likely know a few.
Be sure however to check the inspectors credentials. Do a little research on states requirements. A little Googling of the inspector couldn’t hurt a bit either. There are a number of contractor forums where you can get a feel for how the inspector may have worked in the past from buyers like yourself. Remember that people can be emotional on the web so. Take their postings with a grain of salt.

Step Two…Be There

Be sure to attend the inspection of the home. You may not understand everything the inspector does or says. But at least you will be able to make sure he looks at every part of the house. If you feel he missed something. Let him know. He will likely give you an answer why. Don’t miss this opportunity to take charge of your purchase. And to get a feel for your new “potential”, home.

Step Three…Make a List

Make a list of what the inspector finds, “if anything”. Ask if he will give you an estimate on what each item will cost. Or if he doesn’t know, you can always research it on the internet later. This information will help you to negotiate with the owner later for repairs before you move in.

Buying a home can be a bit of a hassle. Especially if you don’t have Nacy Galvan to help you carry the load. But no matter what. Getting a home inspection is one of the most important decisions you will make in the process.

First Time Buyer – Tips and Advice

For the first time buyer the process can be daunting, confusing and a wonderful experience, “if its done correctly”.

Find a Real Estate Agent

This is step number one. Nancy Galvan is here to help. Real estate agents are trained not only in the real estate jargon. But in how to get you the best deal and match you with the right home. They will help you avoid first time buyer mistakes that can be costly.

The real estate agent’s fee is almost always paid by the seller out of the proceeds from the transaction. As the buyer, you can take advantage of the agent’s best advice while letting someone else foot the bill.

Get Pre-Approved For a Mortgage

Many home sellers today prefer that prospective buyers be pre-approved for a mortgage before putting in an offer to buy a property. From the seller’s perspective, this lowers the risk of a deal falling through. As a buyer, obtaining a pre-approval before making an offer strengthens your hand in negotiating with the seller. Nancy can offer referrals to local mortgage brokers. You can also find one through friends or online.

Make Sure The Home In Good Condition

Chances are a first time home buyer is going to be purchasing a lived-in home. And even the best made homes under the best of circumstances can have their flaws.
So its a good idea to take a few steps before making your purchase.
1. Do some research on local homes. The type of defects that typically show up in local homes. This could a trend caused by shoddy workmanship by a construction company. Or it may be something that tends to happen to local homes because of environmental reasons.
2. Get the home inspected by a professional.
3. Do one or more walk-through’s of the home before moving in and demand that any changes you want made are fulfilled.

First time buyers who follow these tips will find themselves living in a wonderful home they and their families will love for years to come.

Corpus Christi TX Real Estate Listings – September 2014

I have several Featured Listings in Corpus Christi Texas this month. Please have a look. There’s something for everyone.

Corpus Christi TX Real Estate Listings

Corpus Christi TX Real Estate Listings – How’s the Market Right Now?

The housing market in August 2014 is looking pretty steady, up only 1.1% from last year. That means its still a buyers market and perspective home owners should act fast.

For more information contact Nancy Galvan right now.